Women's Empowerment Sanctuary


We’re in the midsts of creating a transformational space in Sri Lanka, for the empowerment of the women of South Asia. 


This is a safer space where these women can reclaim their freedom, power and life their life on their own terms, free from any form of collective conditioning. 

They will be given a platform where they can offer their unique gifts, may it be dancing, singing, cooking, yoga, or anything indigenous to the land of South Asia. 

These gifts will be wrapped in retreats, offered to the rest of the world to enjoy, and at the same time invest in. In return, the women will earn a decent living, doing what they love. 


This is a space where these women can offer their gifts, earn a decent living, as well as enjoy ongoing training in the fields of entrepreneurship, sexuality, assertiveness, and more, to empower their highest expression.


Because we need these women to rise and share their hearts, wisdom and gifts once more. 


Contact me if you want to engage, donate or support. We need volunteers, (financial) advisors, project managers, web designers, marketeers, lawyers. Come join this amazing cause!