Hi, I’m Devie! 

I'm a Holistic Psychologist, Embodiment Coach & Sacred Sexual bodyworker.

As a facilitator of authentic expression, and personal empowerment, I’m here to invite you into a deeper intimacy and connection with yourself and the world around you. I work with the healing power of Presence and Eros to hold space for the awakening of Love to all parts of you.

Do you feel the call? Get in touch and let’s explore our possibilities together!

Client Experiences

"My session with Devie was exquisite and profound. Using my body as a gateway into my inner world, touching so many different places along the way, all within the clear intention of healing and integration. Devie guided me masterfully through this journey. Not only is her bodywork technique excellent, but even more importantly she also has the capacity to hold a deep, safe and caring space for transformation. I experienced her presence during the session like an ancient temple priestess, very spacious and full of devotion. I can highly recommend bodywork sessions with her if you want a shortcut into profound embodied healing and transformation."
R. M.
"My session with Devie was highly transformational and spiritual. She started with building a clear & safe container and together exploring my intention of surrender and what is holding me back. During the sacred spot session, she was accurately aware and present to what was moving through me and offering clear suggestions and tools how to feel into it. This brought me to a place of deep surrender and a direct connection to spirit and to life force. A clear new reference point of how life also can be experienced. I left the session feeling a deep inner peace, which feels completely new to me. I can only highly recommend working with Devie. She holds space with a super loving and open presence, enabling a sense of safety to travel deep and touch the right layers needed to heal."
Startup coach
Love is always the answer.